20 Free best Wordpress 3.0+ themes...

 As the Wordpress is getting updates, it is getting better day by day. The wordpress 3 has so many great features and therefore it needs that kind of themes which can exactly support it. So here are the 20 free best themes I am posting for all the wordpress bloggers.

Free WordPress 3.0 Theme: Shaken Grid

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How to connect two iPhones to a PC and not get mixed in syncing contacts, games, application etc...

It is easy to connect two iPhones with one PC (one iTune account). Actually iPhone is a slave device to iTunes but at a time one should pair one device to PC but we can connect simultaneously also.  The fact is every PC can have up to 256 iPods and iPhone on it. Each iPhone has its own settings provided by the device list (left in the library) in iTunes and can be configured for either the same or different. So there is no chance to get two iTunes account or getting two PCs for your two iPhone or iPod devices...

The step by step process to link the phone to pc :
# So before hooking up two iPhones to one computer is to make sure that the iPhones have different names. Chances are your two iPhones or iPods would already have different names as they are used by different people.

# At the time of connection the iTunes will ask for the name of your device, so keep in mind that you give different names to that. Sync up each iPhone one at a time. When you connect each iPhone, iTunes will recognize the unique name and allow you to set up your playlists, photos, etc. unique to that iPhone.

Now its time to sync other phone same as the first....

The main problem users find in connecting two iPhones to one pc or iTunes account is that the sync show the other phone's contacts, music files to the phone we sync so to keeping them seperate you need to take care of few things when you sync up your device.

Case 1:  When you have one account to sync two or more devices (iPhones or iPods)
iTunes can easily keep them separate. To have two separate sets of contacts, you need to create two groups of contacts in your address book (on a Mac). Then under the Info tab in iTunes (after selecting your iPhone icon), select which contact groups you want to sync for that iPhone.  When changing iPhone syncing preferences (calendar, playlists, etc.), make sure to hit the "Apply" button on the bottom or the preferences will not save. But if you are syncing iPhone for the first time so.
In the Info tab, you need to pick different contacts groups (you may need to set that up in Address Book), check the boxes for different apps on the Applications tab, etc. Theres no way to have separate bookmarks.

The main thing that cannot be seperated is bookmarks, there is no way to have separate bookmarks. When you sync the phones remember to sync the first iPhone, then back up the computer's hard drive before syncing the second one just in case.

Case 2: If you want to have separate accounts for them...

To set up two user accounts actually fast user switching. This way, iTunes will keep one device's playlist and stuff separate from the other device. The one trick, though can be helpful here is to put all your music in a shared folder and then point iTunes to that folder for both users making sure to turn off the "Consolidate Library" feature in iTunes. This will keep things clean.

Hope you will find it easy when you sync your iPhone next time.

iPhone 4G Saga - Part 4: When iPhone found in Vietnam.

It was not so late when the Gizmodo discovered the new generation iPhone 4G controversially/coincidently after few week iPhone 4G again knock the news headlines and this smell was churning the technology world from Vietnam.

A guy Tran Manh Hiep, Mobile phone accessory salesman in southern Ho Chi Minh City inspected the device, filmed it and posted the video on the Tinhte.com forum web site, for which he is an administrator. There are several pictures in there showing the iPhone from various angles and with that there was a video too.

He said 'It's was real iPhone because when he plugged it into a Mac, it recognized it as an Apple productand he also denied to give the details about the phone owner.

The video could still be accessed on his Vietnamese web site, creating much chatter. That iPhone looked similar to one found in a Silicon Valley bar recently. That one was sold to Gizmodo.com, a gadget blog, in April for $5,000.

"It looks almost exactly the same as the one that appeared on Gizmodo's web site," Hiep said by telephone. "But it looks newer and has no screws." Some Vietnamese messages posted on his forum questioned about the authenticity of the iphone he found, but he had been convinced that it  was  the real deal. Gizomodo returned the iPhone and that blogger's home was searched for any other clue, his computers was also seized. 

Well many people believed that it could be a counterfeit Chinese model  which would have made its way to vietnam. All will remains in the dark till Apple released the master piece. And I am damn sure it will be way more better to write about the real than about the fake ones. But as it is a story so it has to move on so to be  informed about the latest in the iPhone 4G saga, dont forget to subscribe.

Google Voice invites for U.S students...

Google has just announced a Google Voice for students to call free, send voicemails, voicemail transcriptions and others. Right now its only a Google's invite-only phone service. Google's Blog says that students like the SMS, voice mail and voice mail transcriptions services more than emails and other things and the reason they give for it is because it is easy to communicate for students in the class time. Isn't it a lame reason to wrap the biggest thing from the thinkers who are also involved in race against TELECOM companies and services. Well its good for beginning.

Any student having a .edu email address can sign up at google.com/voice/students, and Google will send them an invite within 24 hours. This facility is only available for the U.S students so may we other students have to wait a little.

Google also tried to show it in the Apple Application store but it is refused by them (controversially). Google has also developed a web-based workaround that makes Google Voice accessible from the iPhone. Right now 'Voice' isn't a money-maker for Google, but if it ever takes off, it could represent a disruption for telcos and other rivals. Get your invites here

AT&T exclusivity to Apple can postpone the Verizon iPhone to 2011..

Are you sick of dropped calls on  iPhone for your current AT&T’s GSM network? Or you want to switch from AT&T GSM to Verizon CDMA for your iPhone and desperately waiting for verizon iPhone which would be announce on WorldWide Developer Conference 2010 on June 7? So sorry for it, Broadpoint AmTech research analyst Brian Marshall has a bad news for you.

According to him AT&T may have extended its iPhone exclusivity in the US by an additional six months so you might have to wait longer. Analyst Brian Marshall speculates that AT&T might have gained an extra six months of iPhone exclusivity in the US extending its window through the end of 2010, with its non contract basis bid to provide data plans for the iPad. As we know that they are providing lowly data plans starting from $15 for 250MB and $30 for unlimited.

Brian Marshall says that AT&T wouldn't have agreed on this very low price plans deal without receiving something very big from Apple in return. So this something very big seems the exclusivity for the AT&T to continue the services till end of 2010. People who are waiting for the Verizon iPhone may need to wait more.

iPhone 4G Saga - Part 3 : When Gizmodo Got the phone.

I have told you the origin of the rumors regarding iPhone 4G and the musings about it on the various sites and blogs in the posts of iPhone 4G saga. So now the third part...

Gadget blog Gizmodo controversially got an iPhone prototype last month, may be coincidently but that is very close to the final version Apple is going to sell. It features a new case design, better screen, a bigger battery and made out of high-tech glass or ceramic. 

Well gizmodo has great stories about the iPhone stolen and for returning... now the leaked pictures.

Gizomodo tells the story when they got the iPhone 4G - Gray Powell—a North Carolina State University 2006 graduate and talented amateur photographer—is an Apple Software Engineer working on the iPhone Baseband Software, the little program that enables the iPhone to make calls. Well he lost the iPhone or a prototype of next iPhone on his birthday and when he was sitting in the pub drunken enough to loose control.

This story of Gizmodo seems little right but we cannot say anything till we can get the hands on the iphone or any official Apple announcements. Later gizomodo return the phone too on asking by Apple and they have created a post series about that story also. You can read here.

Many techsites like Networkworld, engadget, PC world, daily news etc has posted burning news and wrote about the circumstances if this way Apple continuously create loopholes for the peepers to get in and watch the next generations products. And yes here is the video which Gizmodo showed in their post about the iphone 4G.

I hope you would be enjoying reading the hot story of iPhone and other tech news. If you dont want to be late for knowing the latest so just be in touch and subscribe here.....

iPhone 4G saga - Part 2 : When rumors was too much in air and people were confused about iPhone and iPad (iSlate/Apple tablet).

From the beginning of 2010 thers rumors have been spread like wildfire. There was too much confusion now then the rumors in 2008-09 because people and the techno analyzers were smelling the Tablet Pc or reader like thing. 

In january OnlyGizmos posted about a device to which they were confusingly guessing one from iPhone 4G and Apple Tablet. Their base was Boy Genius report post. Well Mashable posted again but this time they posted visual rumor about iPhone 4G. Here is the pic from Mashable. It was really beautiful roundup...

In feburary there was a video rumor on youtube, and it was the same video which was showed by Phone reviews in May 2009. It got great hits and still getting good. The nextweb was too ahead of everybody. They decided the network for the iPhone 4G and it was AT&T. Although their math iss right about the network using by i-Pad and i-Phone but they also said that if Apple wont try leave the verizon like client base so they will not launch that phone till the deal with AT&T gets finished. So it means Apple is not launching the iPhone 4G this year as they said but till the WMC we cannot tell the exact game plan of Apple.

In March Sprint launched a commercial which actually praises its 4G speed and access. Reaction is posted by many sites as well. Actually the sprint ad wasnt about iPhone 4G but it was kinda against the AT& T network which still has only 3G network while sprint has both 3G and 4G network. Cnet had been always sure about the iPhone 4G so the same author posted surity about iPhone 4G a year ago posted about the features of officially unannounced iPhone 4G or so device.

Well there are lots of things happened in april so I will make that in totally new post. So to be tuned just subscribe me....